Highlights from July, 2022

As you probably know, I teach an Introduction to Data Science class, DS-100, which is geared to students with little or no computing background. The class borrows content, themes, examples, etc. from a class at UC Berkeley called Data 8. The Data 8 team has been running a National Workshop on Data Science Education for […]

2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey Analysis

When deciding on a Technical Stack, based on open source tools, one must always keep track of the popularity of the stack components and their future. As an organization supporting experiential learning for students, Spark! also has a unique constraint on our technical stack. We want to be sure that students are utilizing tools and […]

Why modularization matters to Sys Admins — Fedora Community Blog

As a systems administrator, you generally worry about two things. First, the security of the systems you support. Second, that the applications you run work as designed. You would like to do those two things with as little effort as possible, however, you want to be aware of and balance the risk inherent in meeting… via […]

Modularity Use Case: Application Independence

We will be writing a series of blog posts regarding the project to help the Modularity effort move forward. Some of the posts will be about “Why?” and some will be about “How?” As the first post in the series, this article is about “Why?” The Rings Proposal and the Modularity Objective are both about […] […]


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